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I switched video players. My previous one was barely seeing any development.

This new one though, ho boy. It’s focussed on providing a modern UI that aesthetically matches the new minimalist macOS look. Turns out that’s just a tasty side-dish. The main course: its video quality. Even though I’m watching the same resolution files, I can make out a lot more detail in the newer player, and it all looks so pretty!

I should probably take comparison screenshots tomorrow to show y’all, but the difference is far from trivial. Everything suddenly looks a lot crisper, clearer. It feels like putting on yet another pair of glasses.

For those wondering, it’s called IINA. Install it via brew, check the source on GitHub. You won’t regret it.

Ultimately, it probably comes down to the decoders you’ve installed into the thing, but at least IINA ships with good ones.
~ Fang

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