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But can you? Does that even matter?

It’s always an interesting experience, seeing things being done in fields you have some aptitude in, not quite reaching up to their full potential. “Maybe I can do that better”, you might think. “Fuck, I can totally do that better!”, you might exclaim. If you’re particularly mad over how poorly things got done, you might even go and actually do the thing, and do it better.

Whether your endeavor turns out to be The Next Big Thing or just another failed experiment, it’s good and cool that it happened. As shitty as that other work may have been, it was enough to inspire you to take action yourself. Indirectly, the bad work has now output more value than it had originally, and if the world’s lucky it’s gotten a good work to boot!

Act on those impulses, show them that you actually can do better.
~ Fang

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