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11 09 17


It’s just been the most Dutch weather recently, hasn’t it?

Before and on our friend’s wedding, not the day after, but definitely all days after that one. It’s been raining. On and off, but mostly on, all throughout the days. And at night, too. You should listen to it go right now, pouring, squeezing into the drainage, whisking itself away. It’s kind of nice actually, that violent pitter-pattering. As background noise, not as an environment to be in.

I want to go out tomorrow morning. Sitting too much isn’t doing my knees any good, I can tell. But the forecast isn’t great. Hiking is fun and the forest is nice, but maybe not that nice. On the other hand, a forest in the rain is calm and serene in its own way. Less people will be about, and maybe I can see some wild animals before they hear me.

Yeah, I hike tomorrow morning sounds fun.
~ Fang


  • 14/09/2017 (1:29 PM)

    Hiking in the rain through a forest sounds like a great idea, but don’t go if the rain is too bad. I am with you though; I love the sound of rainfall. I don’t even mind that England is seeing much more rain than usual. It sounds good and I love the feel of it too.

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