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25 09 17


This could be a post about reliable long-term storage, but it isn’t.

Instead, it’s about how computers are becoming less and less like tools and more and more like products. It’s about how I’m getting increasingly confused with the working of my mother’s iPhone. It’s about how certain problems have gone unaddressed for years, while features that helped with coping got removed. It’s about planned obsolescence. It’s about working for third parties instead of the people.

Worst part is that all these parties are going about this in their own uniquely terrible ways. There’s a very distinct lack of cohesion in most software environments these days, and it’s killing usability. I spent half an hour today, trying to figure out where downloads from iOS’ Safari go to. Turns out they don’t go anywhere: Safari keeps them in cache — god knows for how long — and that’s end of story. I believe there’s special hooks for sending the data over to another app when you first download it, but what the hell?

Information wants to be free. And that doesn’t just apply to networks.
~ Fang


  • 28/09/2017 (3:14 PM)

    Technology is going in some dark places right now. Things are becoming much less convenient to use. When I gave my dad my old smartphone I had to download three different apps before I found one that lets him answer the phone by pressing a button and is easy to use. It’s reaching the point of being offensively bad.

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