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20 09 17

Chain up!

What a time to be alive, Urbit is moving to the Ethereum blockchain!

Of course, as is tradition when working with blockchain tech, that’s only half true. Urbit itself is perfectly fine and functional without an actual full-fledged blockchain backing it. An urbit is, after all, your own personal blockchain in a sense. What it currently isn’t, though, is fully secure. It’s also technically not fully decentralized, since we, Tlon, are still in charge of keeping track who owns what. Not that it matters after you go live, but still, you need to trust another party.

By moving the “who owns what” part of our infrastructure onto Ethereum, we can finally stop keeping track of ownership in a shitty database by hand, and start not worrying about such automated tasks. You’ll be able to manage all Urbit assets you own, securely, without Tlonian intervention, and can buy or sell assets without having a third party mediate.

This is actually what I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks, implementing the so-called “smart contracts” that power all this. They’re quite dumb, really, and that’s actually a good thing. This is what smart contracts are best used for: fairly dumb stuff.

It’ll take a few more weeks (months, maybe) before all this takes effect. When it does though, it’ll be glorious!
~ Fang

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