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01 09 17

Big borders

This isn’t even a design post or anything.

Working for a company on a different continent is logistically a bit of a pain. I knew as much going into this, but it’s been many months and I still haven’t been paid. It really isn’t as bad as that sounds, both the company and I are on the case, and we’ve probably found a suitable solution now. But hey, it isn’t as easy as “yeah just wire me the money like you do the rest of your employees”, and that’s kinda sad.

In a world as well-connected as ours, you apparently still need an intermediator if you want to pay foreign employees. They need to find a payrolling company here in the Netherlands, pay them, and then have them pay me, my benefits and the government. That means we have yet another man in the middle, yet another dependency. It’s hard to not feel slightly eh about that.

But hey, if that’s the solution than so be it. I knew it wasn’t going to be easiest when I signed up for this anyway.
~ Fang

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