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14 09 17

Bedtime routine

It starts half an hour after waking up.

That’s an extremely stretched version of the truth, of course, but my before-bed activities do indeed start well before the “crawl into bed” part. It’s a necessity, these days. You see, daily tasks have been piling up on themselves. That’d be fine if they were all done in like ten minutes each, but that’s unfortunately not the case. The reality of it is that I start “getting ready for bed” well over an hour ahead of time!

So let’s see where all this time goes. I usually plan fifteen minutes for writing the blog post I’ve been putting off all day. On days of low inspiration, or when I want to actually write something good, that takes much longer.
I try to do an audio-lesson of Japanese every day, which is a whopping thirty minutes added to the counter, and that’s going to be more once I start committing to the Duolingo lessons as well.
Halfway through all this my daily reminder comes up to get some exercise, so I do a short ten-minute routine of push-ups, sit-ups and squats.
And then there’s still the bare essentials, like showering and brushing my teeth. It adds up.

And things have been keeping me busy tonight, so I’m running behind schedule. Wish me luck!
~ Fang


  • 15/09/2017 (3:24 PM)

    My bedtime routine is crawling into bed and hoping I don’t die in my sleep. I do turn the lamp off early though, to reduce how much light I’m being exposed to before trying to sleep.

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