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23 09 17

Bad rep

As great as a tool might be, if it’s used in silly ways it’s a lot more likely to be abandoned.

Some of the response to Urbit’s move to use Ethereum for its PKI has been pretty negative. And you can’t really fault everyone for that. Ethereum has a long history in the foundation of cash-grabby ICOs and shitcoins.

It’s started to become a fairly knee-jerk powered filter for detecting scams and dead ends. Urbit is neither, but its involvement with Ethereum tarnishes that reputation. Hell, it’s very much an upgrade over what we currently have (just a spreadsheet on some computer, practically), but apparently Eth’s the devil.

Oh well, this is better for the short-term, and it can be gotten rid of again in the long term.
~ Fang


  • 25/09/2017 (2:22 PM)

    With a little luck the reputation of Urbit won’t be damaged too much. If anything, this could help to restore the reputation of Etherium.

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