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26 09 17

At the brink

Do you jump in, or do you hang back and wait for the past to catch up with you?

Wasn’t there a bunch of research on how people react to paradigm shifts as they’re happening? Or how new technologies get adopted? Or how much generations can deviate from the one that came before them? I really should go and look that up, compile a list of checkboxes, and then see where we stand on the decentralization revolution.

Small core of highly dedicated community? Check. Large group of skeptics? Check. Vocal change-resisters? Check. It’s oh so interesting seeing people say “there’s nothing wrong with the status quo” and “if we just do what we’re doing, but slightly differently, that’ll solve the problem as well!” Maybe I’m seeing things that are there, that they don’t yet see. Maybe they’re onto something, and I’m just a lunatic prone to fantastical delusions.

Time will only tell who’s on the right side of this. In the mean time, people will want to be choosing sides. As a fanatic supporter of my own side — how can I not be — I will strive to pull as many people over as I can. Wouldn’t want to leave anyone in the void that is the past, after all.

Or maybe, like I imagine the past coming for them, the future will come for me instead.
~ Fang

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