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Bananas, in pajamas

Amazing how little modern computing can actually do well.

There’s this application that comes bundled with my operating system. I’ve been using it for some time, it’s really quite nifty. “Reminders”, it’s called. And it does exactly what you’d expect. You can create a checklist of items, and have the application remind you of them at the specified date and time. How innovative, how convenient! And then you upgrade to the latest version of the thing…

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Analytical text discussing classic literature? Nah. YouTube video exploring the fine craft of story-telling in cartoons? Sign me up.

There’s an abundance of people on the internet analyzing stories from popular culture. Breaking down their story-telling techniques, exposing all the “easter eggs”, theorizing about hidden truths. And it’s all might interesting! I’m a huge sucker for careful explanation of the good and bad moves made by writers and directors when it comes to creating a cohesive world with a compelling narrative. Character building, undertones, visual direction, allegories.

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28 09 17

Road to Dog

Where the start of the journey is waiting for the fucking bus to arrive.

Dogs are objectively the best, there’s no two ways about it. In contrast, allergies are subjectively the worst. They rob you of experiences and sometimes replace them with great pain, and there’s not much you can do about it yourself. You can’t hit the gym, lawyer up and hope to beat them that way. In some cases though, there are other options.

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27 09 17

Open expression

Because I want something to look back on.

There’s something to be said for furious note-taking and logging your thoughts. It seems really cool to be able to browse back in time and see how your perception of the world has changed over the years. And that’s sort of what ‘m doing here, but not quite. I’m not putting raw thought to paper.

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26 09 17

At the brink

Do you jump in, or do you hang back and wait for the past to catch up with you?

Wasn’t there a bunch of research on how people react to paradigm shifts as they’re happening? Or how new technologies get adopted? Or how much generations can deviate from the one that came before them? I really should go and look that up, compile a list of checkboxes, and then see where we stand on the decentralization revolution.

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