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It’s always interesting to me to hear about the results working groups achieve. Be it on entirely new software, or just improving upon standards. I myself briefly touched one of these during a project for my school’s game development course, where we attempted to visualize software architecture as companies and all their parts. It was a bit weird, and I wonder where the group we presented to is at right now…

Can’t help but wonder though, especially when it comes to standards-development, how much of that work will remain forever. Sure, TrueType for fonts is going to be around for a long time, and their group (fueled partially by employees of the biggest tech companies) recently made some great additions to the format, but will we still be using TrueType in the year 2100? And if we do, will it still be evolving, or solidify into fossilized layers of computing?

Maybe, in the future, the entire stack will be standardized. I can only dream.
~ Fang

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