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Call of the wild!

Man, this last week is already such a treat!

Good friend and colleague invited me up to his hometown, and we’re staying in his family’s inn before traveling up to Lake Tahoe. He promised me we’d end my trip on a high note, even though it’s been mostly high notes all the way through. Let me tell you though, sleeping in a big-ass hotel bed after crashing on the floor for most of the time is amazing. And the food they serve here, and the drinks!

I’ve been told Tahoe will leave me breathless. Potentially because of strenuous hiking, hopefully because of the scenery as well. I’ve seen a few pictures, the lakes up there are blue. I can’t wait to see that with my own two HDR-less eyes. And my friend’s dad has a boat up there? Does this mean boat shenanigans? This is going to be so much fun.

Almost makes me forget I’m looking forward to home as well!
~ Fang


  • 14/08/2017 (2:35 AM)

    Sounds great. I’m a little jealous (enough that I say “a little”) and I hope that your summer goes out on a high note.

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