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18 08 17


The time of writing is 2 PM, San Francisco time.

Well, this is it I suppose. I’m finally taking my leave. Packed my bags, checked into my flight. Said some goodbyes yesterday, will say a few more today. It feels a little bit like leaving home felt, nearly three months ago. People, places, things I’m leaving behind to go experience something else. Heh, who knows, maybe I’ll even become homesick for a little bit. There’s definitely plenty of things here I’ll be missing.

But! There’s also plenty of things back home I’m excited to return to. Friends I want to meet up with, games I want to play, relative political silence I want to enjoy. And work to do! So much work to do. That’s the one thing that’ll most certainly not change. And that’s good!

I may be away, but we’ll always have the internet.
~ Fang


  • 21/08/2017 (5:56 PM)

    Oh, don’t worry, we posted all about politics today, so you can enjoy some more super fun American politics in your backwards little country that likes to be “quiet” and “peaceful”.

    For shame.

    Also, completely unrelated, if we show up on your doorstep looking for some silence, don’t be surprised. Just make sure the beer is well stocked.

    • 21/08/2017 (11:10 PM)

      I gotcha covered fam, you’re welcome whenever!

  • 21/08/2017 (1:27 PM)

    No one enjoys political science. But I’m sure there are other things for you to enjoy at home. You’d feel attached to any place you stayed three months in. Have a safe journey home man.

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