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23 08 17

One-time use

Forgotten, but not discarded for some reason.

In preparation for some much-needed digital housecleaning, I’m looking through my applications and seeing if there’s anything that’s likely to break after the upgrade. And while I’m running into a few potentially troublesome cases, most of them are… software I can only recall using once? I mean, they’re not general-purpose tools or anything. Guess I just don’t run into their use cases very often.

There’s also a handful of applications here that I intended to use, but never did. That’s kinda sad. A strong indicator of the frivolity with which I download and install things as well. This, too, will need to change after I boot a fresh system. To keep myself from ending up with junk, I need to stay disciplined about things. At the very least I should clean up unused applications as soon as I’m done with them.

Rip all the bandwidth I wasted on idle junk.
~ Fang

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