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21 08 17

Not my time

Something about jet lag, probably.

There’s few times in my life where getting up early (or late, for that matter) were this hard. I want to push myself back in a sort of decent schedule, but I just can’t seem to manage just yet. I only start getting drowsy around 2 AM, but then can’t kick myself out of bed until 11 PM, even though sleeping a little shorter has never been all that much of a problem. ‘Tis the timezones man, they’re messing me up.

Of course, this has the advantage that I have a lower chance of falling asleep when meeting with friends at the end of the day. Not sure if I’d count that as weighing up against it though. I want to enjoy the day! Take in my (surprisingly still familiar) surroundings, engage with the day-people, get things done. …Write posts on time again.

It’ll… but a little while. But we’ll get there, no doubt!
~ Fang


  • 24/08/2017 (2:03 PM)

    You were gone for three months. I’m not that surprised there’s been an adjustment period. Take a few days to yourself to get it sorted out if you can take time from work.

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