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Row row, fight the power!

Only a week left here in California, and how time has flown!

This last week is going to be great. Tonight I’ll be giving that demo which I’ve somehow made ready in time. Glad to be able to do some speaking at a meetup before I fly back out again, it’ll probably be many months before I’ll be able to physically attend again, so this seems like a good way to leave my mark (heh). And then after, things get rowdy!

A colleague-friend and I will be spending the weekend up in Calistoga again, just hanging out in their family’s inn. Come Sunday night, we’ll head up to Lake Tahoe for what promises to be an amazing two days of hiking, swimming and other adventures! We’re going all-out in making this a great tail end of my trip.

Really looking forward to everything, and also kind of looking forward to being back home again? It’s been so long!
~ Fang


  • 14/08/2017 (1:08 PM)

    It sounds like your trip is going to end on an incredibly high note. Enjoy what’s left of it!

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