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The crypto-world is a crazy one. If you bought a hundred Dollars of Bitcoin in 2011 (at the time, a hundred BTC), and held onto that, you’d have a wallet worth $270.000 right now. That’s quite something in and of itself, and we’re not even looking at all the other coins in this space. And then there’s Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Bitcoin Cash is a so-called “fork” off the original Bitcoin chain. This is part of the technology and totally legitimate, a neat way to resolve conflicts. An interesting implication of this is that all original Bitcoins get “duplicated” onto the fork. If you own 1 BTC, you now also own 1 BCH. Assuming they maintain a combined value of higher than 1.0, you’ve made a profit!

Bitcoin is sitting pretty around the value it’s held lately (~$2.700). Bitcoin Cash is slowly creeping up and over $200. Interesting times!
~ Fang

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