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09 08 17

Killing prod

You probably don’t want to try this one at home, let alone work.

In the eyes of some, it might as well be a rite of passage. In the eyes of others, a source of great shame. Killing a production environment. Whether through accidentally deleting an entire database or sending the wrong message to the wrong machine. Ideally, these things shouldn’t be able to happen, but IT is a far from ideal field. Sometimes, human error cascades into machine error.

Relatedly, I messed up prod today! Didn’t quite manage to kill it, things could’ve been far worse than they were. Still, I definitely learn my lesson: don’t make expensive jokes in fragile environments. Everyone’ll agree that stuff like this is bound to be done by other users eventually, but it’s best not to stress-test the system on the live network like this right now.

Hey, at least we got another thing to add to the vulnerabilities list out of this. I wonder how much worse you can make this by changing things up just a little bit. Best not to try, I guess.

To atone for my sins, I will get up early tomorrow like I planned, but head to work instead of nature.
~ Fang

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