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Time to use GameMaker!
31 08 17


“Hmm, the logic for this thing is pretty easy, but the gotchas of the language it’s written in are a pain in the ass.”

What did I expect though, working on a stack that’s commonly used to implement things like monetary transactions. Of course there’s going to be a bunch of quirks and limitations. How else are they going to keep you on your toes? While there’s something to be said for not making things easy on people, there’s also something to be said for hard things being easy to mess up. And when you’re writing a mission-critical smart contract, you don’t want to mess up.

I don’t know, I have weird feelings about the whole Ethereum thing. The tech is sorta neat, the hype around it is too insane, and it’s a little bit underwhelming once you actually learn what you can and can’t do. The hype’s most definitely to blame there though, people making outrageous claims that could never be fulfilled with the current state of things.

All about that money though.
~ Fang

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