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too old for this shit

My time up here in Tahoe truly is the closing highlight of my trip.

Spending the morning just chilling on a boat, then filling up with a Good Lunch and hiking up some ski slope mountain to take a dive in a pristine meltwater lake. It may have been freezing fucking cold in there, but there’s truly nothing quite like it that I’ve experienced before. And sadly, it’ll likely be quite some time before I get such an opportunity for such a cool experience again.

The hike to and from Lake Estelle was an interesting one. After you get off the ski slope, the trail turns very rocky, and very steep at paces too. For uphills, this is a fun challenge. For downhills, this is my worst nightmare. Still, with extreme care and the aid of a walking stick, I was able to descend without falling, let alone breaking anything!

I’d call that a victory, and one that was totally worth achieving.
~ Fang

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