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07 08 17

Good progress

Setting challenging but realistic goals that excite you makes you get shit done, who knew!

I spent nearly the entire weekend working on some pseudo-secret project! It relates to the cryptocoin tipping thing I talked about a few days ago, and if things continue at the rate they’ve been going, then I’ll probably have something cool to demo at the Urbit meetup coming Friday!

Of course, that’s very exciting. Combine that with a fairly small and static feature set, and it’s a great way to tackle a small side-project. Having the deadline around really helps with that extra push, and getting to think of cool and surprising ways to demo the project makes me look forward to delivering it.

Not to mention, I’ve learned a few new things along the way. I hadn’t actually written an API connector on my own before, and never ventured very deep into building full-fledged command line applications. Actually doing them though, I did have to look some things up, but overall it turned out to be easier than expected. You just have to know what to do, and then doing the thing itself is easy.

I should probably write some docs to help facilitate this.
~ Fang


  • 10/08/2017 (1:25 PM)

    One of the great things about you working with all these little side projects isn’t just that you’re learning what to do, but also that you’re putting together learning materials to show others what to do. That’s awesome. If we had more people like you then maybe we’d have more programmers.

    But that would mean more competition for you. So don’t overdo it.

    • 10/08/2017 (5:23 PM)

      Hah, the codebase for this is absolutely disgusting, even after a much needed refactor yesterday.

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