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So apparently Nappa Valley is known as one of the food capitals of the world?

I don’t know much about cooking, but I can taste great food. And great food is what I’ve gotten to taste! From a wide variety of restaurant foods, to burgers, to plain and simple breakfast, to authentic grandma cooking. Even just recalling those meals fills me up and sends me into a food coma.

Whenever I’m someplace foreign, I try to carry my “adventure” mentality over into consumables as well. “Never tried this, so let’s do it!” That said, I haven’t done as much eating out of that kind as one might expect to have done over three months. But then, I had to be able to feed myself for three months, so eating out every day hits the reserves hard.

Being invited into an area like this helps though. I know people who know people, and those people can set me up. So hospitable!
~ Fang


  • 17/08/2017 (1:06 PM)

    Does it really count as adventurous eating when you’re in America? The food isn’t all that different. I’m a very picky eater so I’m not very good at trying new foods myself. It comes from not having a lot of money growing up. I don’t want to waste money on food that it turns out I don’t like.

    • 17/08/2017 (10:32 PM)

      Well, they still serve a ver wide variety of dishes in the restaurants here. And all the different places have their local specialties. It’s pretty cool, really.

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