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28 08 17


Because computers can and should allow you to be lazy about using computers.

That’s the magic of the thing, it can control itself. You just have to teach it how to do so. Only once though, and it’ll get it, and be on its merry way. Five commands turn into one, then one turns into five. All this work, suddenly out of your hands. “But this works fine.” Yes, but it can work better!

I tried to get some work done today, but got lost in issues left over from my reinstall and a bunch of setup tasks. Setup tasks I’ll probably need to repeat in the future. And then when developing, some others tasks popped up as obvious candidates for automation. Actual, clean automation, not some “copy ten lines from your command history” kind of junk.

It helps to just keep an eye out for these things and being vigilant about not ignoring them.
~ Fang

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