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This feels very woo-woo to say, but it feels like my world has gotten bigger.

I can vividly imagine numerous locations that are over five-thousand miles — uh, nearly nine-thousand kilometers — away from my current place of residence. It’s hard to not call that a little bit insane. It’s even harder not to call it even just a little bit magical, in the “magic of childhood” kind of sense. Parts of my life now very tangibly span across different continents, and both places feel close to my heart.

This isn’t something I experienced as strongly after returning from Peru. Maybe the fact that I traveled with a friend made the experience feel less far from home. Maybe meeting and closely befriending a bunch of people in California made my ties to that place stronger. Maybe it’s simply a case of spending a much more significant amount of time overseas this time. Probably all of the above.

Feelings like these come with the neat little bonus that more things feel possible. I have opened my life up to avenues very different from “settle in the Netherlands” and “brief travels whenever you feel like it”. My personal network is wider and more varied than ever, and yet, just running with it still seems like a comfy option.

Let’s see what we’ll be running with.
~ Fang


  • 21/08/2017 (6:00 PM)

    This also feels very woo-woo to say, but I think if more people were willing to expand their worlds like this that we’d have much less fighting and misunderstanding of each other.

    We all could use a little more childhood magic in our lives. Now more than ever. I truly am glad to hear that you got to experience this.

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