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The question was "what will you not find on this blog?"
31 08 17


“Hmm, the logic for this thing is pretty easy, but the gotchas of the language it’s written in are a pain in the ass.”

What did I expect though, working on a stack that’s commonly used to implement things like monetary transactions. Of course there’s going to be a bunch of quirks and limitations. How else are they going to keep you on your toes? While there’s something to be said for not making things easy on people, there’s also something to be said for hard things being easy to mess up. And when you’re writing a mission-critical smart contract, you don’t want to mess up.

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If Demons are indeed producers rather than victims of the Void, and are not Demonspawn (at least, such cases are highly uncommon), one has to ask how they originate, and what lies at the core of their being.

The reality, for some difficult to comprehend, is that these enigmatic beings were once like you and me. Regular human minds trapped in regular human flesh. Or, for species that can control Magic, animal minds in animal flesh. And that is where the key to their Demonic origins lies: Magic. All Demons are creatures who have collected vast amounts of True Spells, and used them to further themselves into the Void.

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29 08 17


Don’t know what to write about? Write about the weather!

Back in San Francisco all anyone mentioned when talking about the weather was “microclimates”. And it’s true, they really had things you could describe as such. I witnessed it myself! One moment you’re surrounded by mist, and five minutes of walking later you’re enjoying a nice and sunny day. Go beyond that mountaintop, and you’ll find pouring rain on most days, even though this side stays completely dry all of the time.

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28 08 17


Because computers can and should allow you to be lazy about using computers.

That’s the magic of the thing, it can control itself. You just have to teach it how to do so. Only once though, and it’ll get it, and be on its merry way. Five commands turn into one, then one turns into five. All this work, suddenly out of your hands. “But this works fine.” Yes, but it can work better!

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27 08 17

Cleaned house

I finally did the thing!

After more work and anxiousness than I’d care to go through again, I have completed the first clean install of my main machine I’ve done in over ten years. On the one hand, you really don’t want to do this. It’s stressful even if you made plenty of redundant and verified backups, you’re bound to run into nasty surprises, and reinstalling your essentials may or may not take days. On the other hand, you really really need to do this every now and then.

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