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02 07 17

Vidya days

When your “unplayed games” backlog finally shrinks a little, rather than grows.

It’s nice to take a lazy day off every once in a while, not worrying about being productive or doing anything in particular. It may not be the exact kind of rest I need — light exercise makes my knees feel a bit better — but it’s rest nonetheless. And hey, if a backlog can be shrunk, then that’s never a loss in my book.

LUFTRAUSERS is an aerial combat shoot-em-up which pits you and a customizable rauser against both other planes and naval units. Complete missions to unlock new gear, use new gear to score better and progress.
One Night Stand is a beautifully rotoscoped visual novel about waking up with hangover amnesia in someone else’s bed. Do you dash out? Do you ask about the night? Do you put on your clothes, or hers? Lots of endings to discover, apparently.
Hook isn’t the most Urbit-y puzzle game one could make, but it most certainly is the most Urbit-y puzzle game I ever played. Enjoy a nice ambient track and sound effects with a very analog feel to them as you try to pull in bits and pieces in the right order.

I tried my hand at Dustforce, Stardew Valley and Baldur’s Gate, but they feel bad to play without mouse or controller.
~ Fang


  • 03/07/2017 (10:30 PM)

    Is it dumb that the moment you said I can put on the woman’s clothes I was immediately interested in One Night Stand? Not because I’m a secret crossdresser, mind you, but because I love games that let you truly do anything, even if it involves being a jackass.

    I think I know my next purchase.

  • 03/07/2017 (2:08 PM)

    There’s nothing wrong with the occasional lazy day. Given that my game collection is over 400 games strong – a lot of which were part of bundles I have no interest in playing – I doubt I’ll ever work through my ever expanding collection.

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