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This post brought to you by expensive hotel WiFi.

Independence Day is coming up here in the states, and of course I wouldn’t be having a truly American experience if I didn’t go out and do whatever Americans do on the Fourth. In California that apparently doesn’t include shooting guns wildly into the air, but fireworks and barbecue are still fair game. And so is hanging with friends and family!

I don’t have family here — at least, none that I’ve ever met — but I do have a friend who does. He invited me to come up to his hometown with him, stay in his family’s inn and join in on the festivities. And man did he deliver on that! At the time of writing I’ve only had one meal and seen my room, but this is way fancy! Definitely beats the shoebox room we’re used to.

The Fourth is going to be good. I’ll go for a nice hike before joining in on a pool party and whatever other things are planned. He promised me a day off to remember, and I’m already glad I decided to come along.

Murrica, bring it!
~ Fang

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