Fang Talks

11 07 17


It doesn’t fit this moving world.

Sometimes it’s nice for things to not happen. For only the passing of time to be observable, like a moment lasting longer than it should. To not need to do anything, and for that to be okay. And while that may last you a little while, it seems so jarringly incompatible with today’s world. If it’s not you who needs to get things done, it’s the people around you. Always something happening, always someone busy.

But in that, can we not find a sense of stillness as well? How the world continues on whatever we do. How this motion is eternally consistent for all we can know. You can ride that wave and get worn down by the way it sends you flying into everything, or stand still and just slowly erode by its strong current.

Still, I wish I could go out camping for longer. To, even if just for a few days, not think about the time or the place, and just be.
~ Fang

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