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13 07 17


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I saw something cool today. Daring Fireball, a fairly well-known tech blog, is now self-hosting its ads. This follows after their not-a-giant-and-thus-not-entirely-terrible advertising network shut down, and they needed to find an alternative way of income. So instead of putting ads on their site through a network, they’re now putting ads from sponsors onto their pages themselves.

This is great because it gives them as the website owner more control over what gets presented to the user and how that looks, and the user gets to browse comfortably knowing that the ads integrate well and aren’t doing any tracking. And why would they, anyway? Referrals are built into the web protocol, so they’ll be able to see when someone came in from a Daring Fireball add regardless.

Being able to support yourself by getting sponsors to pay for ad placement, and placing those on your own terms: now that’s the dream. None of that per-view or per-click bullshit that incentivizes bad practices, just ads for things and by companies that actually interest your audience.

One day. Or maybe never, who knows.
~ Fang


  • 14/07/2017 (1:22 PM)

    Those are my favourite kinds of advertising. If more websites did that I think we’d start to see the end of ad blockers. People install them because they don’t want to be tracked and because of all the malicious adverts out there. If websites sourced the ads themselves like that, we’d see a dramatic reduction in both of those things.

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