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The post you're reading right now is a prophecy.

I’m trying not to be pissed about this. Though the title may suggest otherwise, I have mostly calmed down.

Go out to the piers, I thought, visit that cute donut shop a friend mentioned. I visited more touristy shops than I care to admit, but at least I can say I’ve hit my quota for this trip. When I returned to my bike, the helmet I left on my handlebars like some kind of idiot was still there. What wasn’t there, was my seat. Some motherfucking decided it’d be worth stealing my bike’s seat, pole and all.

Apparently not replacing the quick-release with a slow-release makes this possible. But who the fuck steals a bike seat? How much will they even make off that? No way it’s going to be more than the money I lost on the new seat and lowered resale value of this otherwise still very beautiful bike. It’s still the comfiest thing I ever rode, but now it just has a spanking white refurbished seat mounted on it.

This, too, is the true American Experience.
~ Fang

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