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22 07 17

Out of control

I witnessed something interesting.

Someone posted a screenshot of some text, a transcript of an interview with Trump, in which the president mentions how balloons are so majestic because nobody knows how they stay afloat. It got thousands of retweets. Shortly after, a follow-up tweet was posted, by the same person, stating it “was a parody. I did fake news 🙄😑”. Only a handful of likes and retweets. The “parody” tweet wasn’t deleted. But that’s not even the weirdest part here.

What absolutely baffles me is how those who did see the follow-up confession didn’t berate the author for adding disinfo to the pile, but instead complimented them for writing something so believable. Someone even went as far as saying: “About time we used some of Trump’s fake news hysteria against him.”

Regardless of where in this mess you situate yourself, there comes a point where you must take a long hard look at where things are heading, and maybe even admit that whatever evil you’re fighting against is corrupting whatever good intentions you have. Fighting fire with fire is fine as long as it concerns actual real-life fire. Try it for anything else, and you’re likely to just add fuel to the flames instead.

Oh how far we all have fallen.
~ Fang


  • 24/07/2017 (5:41 AM)

    The general excuse with anything like this is, “Well, it’s Trump, so who cares? He’s like, basically Hitler, right?” They excuse it, while not even realizing just how much this damages their own cause.

    Trump calls out fake news, and gets applauded for it, so when someone does this, all he does is look like the good guy. Congratulations, you just helped him call out more fake news. You just helped him prove that people will say anything just to make him look bad.

    I’m not on a side. I don’t hate Trump or love him. But this whole fake news thing, it’s just getting worse. And it’s being slung by both sides. I honestly don’t even know what to believe anymore when I read just about anything political, no matter what the source.

    I miss the days when reporting was fact based.

    • 24/07/2017 (6:29 AM)

      The left is becoming more and more like the right they’re fighting against. I’ve been leftist for as long as I can remember, but I’m starting to heavily disassociate from the most vocal left.

      • 24/07/2017 (7:09 PM)

        We’re with you on that 100%. We refuse to join this new breed of left that’s turned into a free-speech-killing outrage machine.

        And that’s why it’s kind of funny that, in this era, if you say you’re not conservative but you don’t think Trump is the evil monster that these people are making him out to be, you automatically get labeled as some kind of alt-right Nazi.

        The left is tearing itself apart. The vocal, hardcore left is disowning the regular left and the left-leaning moderates, and what’s worse is that they don’t even see it. They think 2020 is going to be their year. I think if they keep this shit up, 2020 will be another shoe in for Trump.

        “It’s almost as if you endlessly call people bigots and racists they’ll eventually get fed up and turn on you.” – Dave Rubin, the night Trump won, a great leftist voice who’s now being called alt-right simply because he’s disavowed this new left

        • 25/07/2017 (4:13 AM)

          It’s a fun show to follow. I’ve found a nice place to hang online where a wide variety of political viewpoints hang around, from non-crazy liberals to hardcore neoreactionaries, and it’s interesting to watch everything unfold from there, drink in hand.
          The left fucked up by thinking they had won, now they’ve turned fighting as hard as they’ve seen their opposing side do. The right gave up on fighting traditional fights and infested internet culture, all while largely remaining the more sane/reasonable party.
          Problems with the government aren’t problems, they’re symptoms. Between the political extremism and slowly collapsing economy (buy bitcoin! (^: ), these are fun times to be alive.

      • new phone who dis
        25/07/2017 (3:10 AM)

        People tend to become more conservative as they get older.

        • 25/07/2017 (4:08 AM)

          Something about being resistant to change. But then, if your entire political identity revolves around being progressive and supporting change, what happens?

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