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what have i done

This blog is not a perfect log, not a transparent journal of my haps.

If I want to know what was up with me at a time that falls within the last five or so years, I can get a fairly good impression by just looking at my blog posts from that time. But it wouldn’t tell me everything. Not everything is a good fit for sharing in a public space like this, let alone discussing in much detail.

Does that make this blog an imperfect log? Sure. Does that lower its value and usability to me? Probably not. Honestly, I don’t go back to look at old posts very often anyway, this thing is basically a one-way archive. And a low-coverage archive at that then. Still, so much better than nothing at all!

If there was a way to analyze how much of my life is covered on this blog, I wonder what percentage it would turn up.
~ Fang

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