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Oh man, what a day the Fourth was!

So my buddy invited me over to his family’s inn in Calistoga. A luxurious bed was a nice change of pace after all these nights in my sleeping bag. And the food! Oh the food, it was so good. Apparently the area is one of the food capitals of the world. Really happy to have gotten a taste of it!

In the morning I went and hiked one of the trails that connects to the city. It went quite a ways up, but wasn’t too steep, and parts of the trail were covered in shade, which provided welcome breaks from the hot sun. It was a lot of fun mountain-goating across the uneven trail, and the views were breathtaking.

On the way down I decided to stick to the western side of the trail, since it split up in a few places and I wanted to take a different route back. This… was a mistake. Parts were steep and littered with loose rocks and gravel. I managed for a while, but did slip and fall onto my butt. Don’t think I fell that hard, but I caught myself with my right hand and… it didn’t like it. I broke this wrist before, and it isn’t feeling too great now. I fear the worst, and will definitely have it checked out today.

Didn’t want a not-that-scary injury ruin the celebration though, so just chugged along nicely. We managed to get into a luxurious resort place for some poolside chilling, and went to see the fireworks after a great family dinner. We had amazing spots, and I’m not exaggerating when I say part of the show nearly hit my head!

All in all, a day to remember for sure! Now to see how this wrist situation turns out…
~ Fang

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