Fang Talks

No fun allowed.

Because there’s not really much else you can do after an actually Good Saturday.

What started out as a cloudy, kinda somber-looking day turned into a wonderfully sunny one, as they always seem to do here. Had a great time just walking around in Golden Gate Park, napping, getting woken up by random dogs sniffing my face. Truly the best of times. I briefly considered going for a swim in the ocean, but the waves were a tad too wild for that.

Closed the day off with drinks and shooting the shit, as is tradition. It’s interesting exploring the faults and virtues of modernization in tipsy conversation, because I usually don’t know how to feel about it, but can then muster up the power to just pick a side and try to see how long I can keep fighting for it. All in all though, it’s still weird.

A lazy post for a lazy Sunday.
~ Fang

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