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03 07 17

Just plug it in

I am not a maths wizard. Oh if only I were, the havoc my magic would wreak.

Alas, I must like with just myself as I am, lack of wizarding powers and everything. But the future is now, and robots are here, so wizards are obsolete anyway, right? If you can’t do something yourself — or even if you can! — you just outsource it to the machines and get your results in no time at all. Ah, the beauty of the modern world.

So I finally have a solution to a rather mathy problem I was facing in my recent game development ventures. Or, well… I wouldn’t call it gamedev just yet, there isn’t much of a game to speak of right now. Just a heap of technical challenges, a fair amount of which I have now overcome!

As it turns out, you can get pretty far by recursively looking for solutions to related problems on the internet, even for mathy things. And when you need to solve a complex equation for one specific variable, but you can’t get your head around the methods described, you can literally just throw the thing into Wolfram Alpha and have it solve it for you.

Copy-paste the result, plug in your variables, and done. Christ, the “not always have a calculator with you” thing isn’t even funny anymore.
~ Fang


  • 06/07/2017 (12:50 PM)

    You’ve only just discovered Wolfram Alpha? I get the feeling you’re going to be using it a lot. Glad you got the problem solved, and can now move forward with converting your mess of technical problems into a game filled with bugs. Then comes the debugging!

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