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23 07 17

Just ideas

Lots of first steps, but rarely further.

Lately I’ve been overflowing with ideas. Prompts for short stories, tiny worldbuilding details, interesting visuals to experiment with, game mechanics worth exploring, more Ghost Roommate skits. And I’ve been writing them all down… but that really is the extent of what I’ve been doing.

Of course, these ideas are very much still fresh, and it’s probably worth letting them sit and mature for a while. But even then, there’s probably too many to act upon immediately. That being said, that shouldn’t stop me from picking at least one of them up and rolling with it. Something about just sitting down and getting to work.

There’s already some other irons in the fire as well though, maybe it’s better to tend to those first.
~ Fang


  • 24/07/2017 (2:24 AM)

    That’s fantastic. My idea-mill has kind of been at a low point recently. I look forward to when it (inevitably?) heads up like yours is…

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