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29 07 17

Good Saturday

By the time this post goes live, I’ll be able to say I’m “22. uh, no, wait. 23” years old.

I try not to give a shit about my own birthdays, but also can’t help but make a point of just going out and doing things, making sure to have a great time. Any excuse to do so is a good one, right? Even moreso when you’re on vacation. Double-up on whatever it is you came to do, or just take it easy for a little bit. Do as you please!

A friend from back home messages me asking about a party. I’d love to fly people over, but I don’t have a private jet (yet). The party will have to wait. This does give me time to spend the day just hanging around Golden Gate Park though, and I’m still gonna drink beers with a friend, so it’s all good.

Maybe I should take a moment to reflect on the past and future year, but why make myself feel different when I’m not?
~ Fang


  • 30/07/2017 (4:44 PM)

    Happy birthday.

    I remember 1994. As a matter of fact, I have a cousin who was born in July 1994 and I remember when my aunt called us to say he’d been born.

    I don’t think he has your insight into life, though.

    I hope your day goes well, even if you don’t celebrate until later.

    • 30/07/2017 (9:07 PM)

      Thank you! I like to think I have my shit sort of figured out, but ultimately it’s a one day at a time kind of thing anyway.

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