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27 07 17


The future is now and it’s probably in your hands or pocket.

It’s weird walking the streets and seeing a very large portion of people interacting with their smartphones. They see it as normal, and surprisingly (or maybe not) it already is! But if you look closer, this isn’t all that far removed from all those sci-fi settings where everyone has their own hi-tech assistant or personal identifier or whatever.

While the technology is already here, I feel like we’re a bit lacking in the ideology department. These very personal devices are still largely being used to reach the people carrying them, rather than for the people to reach whatever they want to. And while the devices are personal, they’re not personally owned yet.

So really it’s more of a dystopian sci-fi setting than a utopian one? Soon, though.
~ Fang


  • 28/07/2017 (4:25 PM)

    I feel sad that people are more realist about their science fiction these days and there’s so much dystopian science fiction. Now we’re seeing it playing out in front of us. Like you said, we have these wonderful devices that can connect us to everything, but they’re just being used in an attempt to connect to us. We need more fanciful and fun science fiction that doesn’t paint the future as a miserable wasteland.

  • 28/07/2017 (2:30 AM)

    I don’t have a smart phone. I’m probably the youngest person left in the devloped world not to have one. I have homeless clients with iphones, but I’m using an old phone with a keyboard that used to slide out for texting.

    That means I’m not walking across busy streets with my head in a phone, but it doesn’t mean I’m not still hopelessly addicted to the internet and social media.

    Dystopian, definitely.

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