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14 07 17

Dogs, man

The future of medicine was apparently the early twentieth century.

It’s weird being in a position of never having been able to have a thing, and then realizing it may actually be a possibility after all. Apparently some allergies can be “cured”, who knew! Well, I did, but I was stubborn and pessimistic and didn’t give it a shot. Depending on how things play out, this one’s going pretty high on my regrets list. Immunotherapy can take a fair few years to fully go through, and those are years I could’ve had behind me already.

But yeah, I’m more seriously starting to consider the possibility of getting a dog one day. When I get back home, the quest to move out of my parents’ house is on, and hopefully I can get that done swiftly. When that completes, I pretty much have full agency of my life and the things I do within it, and a dog seems like a great addition to those things.

I work from home, have flexible hours, hopefully earn a nice paycheck too. Seems like good conditions to care for a doggo. Care, not raise. A puppy doesn’t seem like the greatest idea for man’s first dog. Who knows how things go though. Who even knows how the immunotherapy stuff plays out, what the timeline for that is like.

It’s exciting though. This is something concrete to aim for and work towards.
~ Fang


  • 17/07/2017 (1:23 PM)

    I’ve only had a dog once in my life. My mum was allergic to cats and my brother was scared of dogs, so we got a puppy. Interestingly enough; immunotherapy plays an important role in my story too. Unfortunately he died before he could get the vaccinations that would have saved him.

    Take it from me; don’t start with a puppy. Get a fully immunised, neutered dog.

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