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19 07 17


My old pair of earbuds has bitten the dust.

Or, well, the cable has degraded far enough to give me electric shocks when I use them. This seems to be the point of no return. And that makes me sad. This is the first pair of earbuds I actually went out to buy instead of just getting them with a phone or music player and they’ve lasted me for, what, nearly ten years? Those things were durable. Sadly, once they started falling apart, they did so quickly.

I ordered some cheap Chinese earbuds that were getting pretty good reviews, but these just aren’t the same. The cable is flimsy and short, the plug not angled, no inline play-pause button… They sound pretty decent, but they don’t feel right, and then tangle so very, very easily.

But what’s in the past is in the past, best we can do now is look forward and hope I’ll find good ones again someday.
~ Fang

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