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You just lost it
12 07 17


This blog is brought to you by a fragile chain of dependencies.

To a certain degree, that is to be expected. Nonetheless, dependencies aren’t nice to have. One thing falls over and suddenly you’re stranded in the middle of god knows where with nothing but yourself and two short hours of sunlight. And that time can always come, of course, but I’d rather be only a few kilometers from home rather than half a day by car. So what do you do? You minimize your dependencies.

Last week I renewed my web hosting. Not for the usual year, but for just three months. The idea is to have that kick my ass into gear and finally migrate everything to a VPS. I don’t really need the storage space all that badly, and while the customer support is really nice I’d much rather be in full control myself. Instead of depending on the host for certain things, I’ll just roll up my own sleeves.

That leaves me with WordPress. It doesn’t quite fit my needs; most of its functionality I never even touch, and my pages aren’t very dynamic anyway. Still need to find a good solution to comments. Considering how bloaty everything is, I may just roll my own. But I’ve said that for many things, and many things have been left unrealized.

Maybe this time I should just do it, and do it right.
~ Fang

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