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Loosely based upon real events.

Upon entering the waiting room the first thing I notice is this lady, probably in her late thirties, early forties, dabbing away tears with a handkerchief that looks too soaked for the task. I look around, mutter a “good afternoon” to nobody in particular, and sit down a few seats away from her. The strikingly yellow ballerinas she’s wearing barely touch the ground, and every teary hiccup causes them to dangle for a little bit. A few quick glances in her direction teach me nothing new. Other than heavily distressed, nothing appears to be wrong with her. Maybe she’s waiting on a family member? Before I can imagine a backstory, the doctor calls for me.

A short two hours later, I am shown into a room with more dividers than it was designed to fit. They’re going to splint my arm, just in case. An assistant should be with me shortly. Opposite of me, behind a curtain, a phone call is taking place. Insane noise is coming from the other end of the line, but a female voice answers calmly. ‘Mama is at the hospital right now, because the doctors are going to make me better, alright?’ Under the curtains something bright catches my eye. ‘I need you to stop crying, Suzzanna.’ It’s the yellow ballerinas from that lady! ‘You can’t listen to me if you’re crying like that sweetie.’

‘It’s okay. Yes, all better the doctor said.’
Not a shred of negative emotion in her voice.
‘Shh, don’t cry sweetie. I need you to be strong, okay?’
‘Mama loves you.’
‘Grandma is going to make you dinner, right? Can you put grandma on the phone sweetheart?’
There was the subtlest of cracking in her voice.
‘Don’t cry now, you’re a strong girl aren’t you?’
‘I’ll be back soon honey. Can you pass the phone to grandma now please?’
Stifled sniffing.
‘Suzzanna, please pass the phone to grandma.’
Silence. Then sobbing.

Who knows.
~ Fang


  • 13/07/2017 (1:07 PM)

    Things like this are why kids are so afraid of hospitals. I hope the lady – should she be real – is actually doing better now and little Suzanna has her mum back.

  • 11/07/2017 (3:39 AM)

    Waiting rooms are great places for people watching. I hope Suzzanna got her mama back in one piece!

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