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24 07 17

A deal to steal

I’m telling you, for real!

Sometimes you come across an opportunity you just have to seize. When the stars align and everything works out. Best Buy is selling one specific external hard drive with a heavy discount. What they don’t tell you, is that inside of those cases is a drive that strongly exceeds the value it’s being sold for. Data hoarders across the internet are scurrying to there local stores to nab these things, and I’m joining in on the fun.

I’d love to get two (or maybe even more) of those puppies, because this is an absolute steal, but the stars aren’t aligning that perfectly. While I did gain some more slack in my travel budget recently, I don’t want to drain that back to uncomfortable levels. Besides, getting a single drive across the border without import tax eyebrows being raised is way easier (and considering their cheap price, probably legal) than two or more. At least, I feel more comfortable with the former.

Still, this is going to add a whopping 8TB to my storage space, which should keep me going for a little while longer.
~ Fang


  • 27/07/2017 (2:08 PM)

    I felt great the first time I bought a real external hard drive. I’ve been using old laptop hard drives for a while though. It would be easier for you to just buy some external hard drives at home and not worry about any kind of import fees. You have a real job now, you can buy nice things for yourself.

    • 27/07/2017 (6:13 PM)

      Does a job with pay that will come “later” qualify as real? Can’t pay for stuff with Schrödinger’s money!

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