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31 07 17

Phone auth

Not as secure as you may think.

There’s been a lot of buzz around multiple-factor authentication lately. Some services have been offering this for quite a while, by sending temporary login codes to your phone via text message. Hell, my bank does this! But text messages really aren’t a very secure channel to send such data over.

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Because there’s not really much else you can do after an actually Good Saturday.

What started out as a cloudy, kinda somber-looking day turned into a wonderfully sunny one, as they always seem to do here. Had a great time just walking around in Golden Gate Park, napping, getting woken up by random dogs sniffing my face. Truly the best of times. I briefly considered going for a swim in the ocean, but the waves were a tad too wild for that.

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29 07 17

Good Saturday

By the time this post goes live, I’ll be able to say I’m “22. uh, no, wait. 23” years old.

I try not to give a shit about my own birthdays, but also can’t help but make a point of just going out and doing things, making sure to have a great time. Any excuse to do so is a good one, right? Even moreso when you’re on vacation. Double-up on whatever it is you came to do, or just take it easy for a little bit. Do as you please!

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28 07 17

Carry over

To bring back home a new me.

The way that’s worded makes it sound laughably dramatic, so let me explain. Since arriving here in San Francisco, I’ve picked up a slightly different pattern of life than I used to have back at home. No surprise, of course: I’m living on vacation time! But this is vacation time I’m partially spending on doing non-vacation things, like work. So much so, in fact, that it doesn’t seem at all impossible for me to distribute my time in the same way after I get back home.

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27 07 17


The future is now and it’s probably in your hands or pocket.

It’s weird walking the streets and seeing a very large portion of people interacting with their smartphones. They see it as normal, and surprisingly (or maybe not) it already is! But if you look closer, this isn’t all that far removed from all those sci-fi settings where everyone has their own hi-tech assistant or personal identifier or whatever.

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