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23 06 17

Visual aid

Sometimes you just need to pen down some scribbles.

It’s strange how simple some things can become when you try to represent them visually. It doesn’t even have to be very accurate to reality or anything, a quick sketch alone can be enough to get your wheels turning in just the right way. By moving the problem into a different medium, from your head onto paper, you’re more or less forced to evaluate all aspects of it. Complex translations like these aren’t easily made if you don’t, even just subconsciously.

In making that translation, you may find patterns start to emerge. You mind find things click together, or appear to be opposites. You may find things aren’t as complex as you initially thought they were, as long as you go through the effort of doing some simplification.

Graphs are great for this, but even more abstractly relating imagery will often do.
~ Fang


  • 26/06/2017 (3:34 PM)

    I’m not the best at drawing, so I never really try to draw anything out. I have noticed this effect with things like mathematics though. I could never do a complex sum in my head, but if I write it down and give it visual form, I can do it. It just takes a little time.

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