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Shits and giggles

And nothing less.

But it’s hard. A struggle, even. I came to do many things. Some of those things I’ve done. Done of those things I’m still gonna do. Some of those things it turns out I can’t realistically accomplish. So I’m already having to settle for less than the original dream, which only fuels the pressure of getting the most out of what I can still do.

The journey’s about halfway through, but my savings are in way worse shape. That’s not an excuse for anything, most things I do aren’t that expensive and I can just live the frugal life for the next month to keep costs down. Still, something in me is looking for reasons, however shitty, to bail out early.

If I could just fly back home for like a week and then return here that’d be ideal, but sadly not the reality i have to live with. But this, too, is adventure.
~ Fang


  • 29/06/2017 (5:25 AM)

    It sounds as though you’ve had a memorable time. If you’re looking for reasons to leave, then maybe some part of you has already made up its mind. Or your mind. Or however that should be worded.

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