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Jimmy John, el Condorito
05 06 17


I’ve tanned quite a bit over the past weeks, and yet it still happens?

Since the weather (usually) allows it, and it’s most comfy to wear, I’m spending nearly all my time in t-shirts and shorts. Of course it doesn’t help these items make up the majority of the clothes I brought with. Still, I don’t feel the elements have been too harsh on me for my level of preparation. The sun has been coming and going, and most of my hiking so far was done on off-days, so I’m not suddenly exposing myself to blistering rays.

And yet, I can feel my neck is slightly sensitive. It’s more tan than red, but there’s definitely a soft burn back there. It’s always the neck too, never anything else. My limbs are doing fine, my core still a pasty white, my face finally regaining some color. I’m calling it now, I’ll forget (read: not care) to bring sunscreen on my overnighter this week, and my neck will be the only one suffering.

Luckily shielding it from the sun isn’t the most difficult, but I wish it didn’t have to be done in the first place.
~ Fang


  • 08/06/2017 (4:13 PM)

    You just need to get one of those hats with a neck protector. Become a dad. Seems like the most obvious solution.

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