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13 06 17


It has become clear to me why not-always-flat countries aren’t that big when it comes to bikes.

These hills here in San Francisco, they get steep! The uphill is a serious climb in my lowest gear. And then when you think you can finally enjoy the downhill and zoom as far as you climbed, forget it! You need to stop every other intersection, so say goodbye to a comfy cruise. Maybe that’s for the better though, you rack up speed fast.

I wonder what it’ll be like biking up actual mountainsides. Most I’ve done is gentle climbs over longer distances, but can’t recall ever biking up a switchback or steep trails. Biggest fear there is losing grip. Doesn’t matter which way I’m going, I don’t want to be sliding around when I’m on an incline. Much less on one where a wrong fall sends me tumbling all the way down.

But hey, still good to give it a shot, try and get that experience in. Gonna start out slow though, I haven’t biked in like a month, so got to give my muscles some time to adjust to this “new” kind of motion as well.

Wish I had serious biker legs, those things look ripped!
~ Fang

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