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07 06 17

Slow jams

Not, like, slow-dancing music. Just stuff with a low pace.

There’s something nice about low-energy music. The kind that doesn’t pump you up, but just mellows you out instead. Always useful as background music, but also fun to just listen to. Kind of zone out, stare out over whatever view your gaze is catching, let the slow sound waves envelop you.

It’s a nice contrast to the fair amount of hype music I have in my library. Ambient music has been my go-to for work recently. I don’t even care if the ambience it’s setting isn’t the best fit for work, I’ll embrace it regardless. Give me those half-creepy vibes, I’ll eat that right up.

I guess once you get into very minimal music the ambience is really all there’s to it. The individual sequences become less interesting, allowing the focus to shine through onto the overarching feeling they create.

Not that I know jack about music though.
~ Fang

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