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21/01/2011 never forget
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Prep worked

I think that writing thing from yesterday turned out pretty alright.

Wouldn’t call it the best, mind, but still. I think I have the preparation I did for it to thank, even though it was as minimal as it got. Some time ago I made a quick note of an idea, something vague about a lineage of treasure hunters who basically kept themselves busy by setting challenges for each other. A couple days ago, I wrote a brief outline of the things I wanted the short story to cover, without delving into the details of the story itself.

And yesterday, I weaved my story around that framework. Pulled it out of thin air, as I usually do, but laid it out onto a somewhat steady foundation. I like to think it shows. Maybe I was too vague with the bits of world building I did. But then, no better paintbrush than the reader’s imagination.

The process felt fun, it flowed naturally. I have a couple more ideas, maybe I should write some outlines again.
~ Fang

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